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July 31, 2009

Google has moved in and it’s a bit on the nose!!

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Google building and sewerage plant

Google building and sewerage plant

A month  ago, Google moved into their new digs on Pirrama Rd in Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia. It is a fantastic looking place. A speculatively built 6 Star energy rated building.” The first of it’s kind to be built in the southern hemisphere” the building placards announced. Built close to Sydney’s world famous harbor and close to every conceivable facility. There wasn’t much fanfare, just a slow trickle of Google employees started appearing around the area as they were moved into the building. The Governor-General, Quentin Bryce attended the official opening of the Google offices and the media were escorted around the lavish offices and Aussie themed meeting rooms.

It was only a few days later however that many of us who work near the new offices started to notice an unbelievable stench  emanating from the building. When I say stench I mean take your breath away stuff. The mornings seem to be particularly bad and for myself and my colleagues, the job of walking past the building in the morning is extremely unpleasant. You see, just as you get to where the smell is at its worst there is a gradual rise in the footpath. Now being a typical 8 hr/day, desk bound I.T. worker I am probably not as fit as I could be, and that gradual rise in the path compels you to start drawing in slightly heavier breath. Let me tell you, when you get that first whiff of the “Google cheese” as we have affectionately nicknamed it , you nearly gag. You find yourself clenching your jaw shut and lightly breathing through your nose so as not to permanently stain your mouth  and perhaps end up with bad breath for the rest of the day.

Now in all fairness to Google the stench was around well before the first sod was turned on their new building, but unfortunately for them they are now the perceived owners of the problem. Especially since the building proudly advertises the overly clever sewerage plant attached to the side of the building that is clearly visible from the street due to its glass walls and LCD instructional display.

Perhaps one day soon they can get together with Sydney Water, The building owners and a plumber and work out the problem, but until then if you are ever invited over to the Sydney Google building, by all means go, but just don’t let them take you round the back for a cigarette because you might set off an explosion that literally causes the shit to hit the fan.


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